Dutch Knuckle

Dutch Knuckle

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Dutch Knuckle is a robust 25lb wheel of aged cheese, made from the raw milk of Brown Swiss cows at Sugar House Creamery in the Adirondacks region of New York State.

Named for a traditional architectural feature on a Dutch barn, the recipe for this cheese is inspired by Swiss Appenzeller. With a firm texture flavors are complex and layered with notes of grass, thyme and beef broth.

This cheese pairs perfectly with our Caraway Rye crackers.

Raw cow's milk, traditional rennet

Sugar House Creamery
Upper Jay, New York



Sugar House Creamery

Founded in 2012 by cheesemakers Margot Brooks and Alex Eaton, Sugar House Creamery is a tribute to the farmstead Alpine cheesemaking traditions of yesteryear. Margot and Alex raise their milking cows in the Dutch barn left behind by the property’s past owners, rotate their herds on the lush Adirondack pasture, and make and age their cheeses entirely on-site. Such a meditative process leads to products that are packed with the native flora’s subtleties and with the lush butterfat of some very happy cows.