Gourmet cheese, honey, and crackers in a wooden gift box.
The Ginger Gold
The Ginger Gold

The Ginger Gold

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Our Ginger Gold collection includes two cheeses, housemade crackers, our seeded honey and a teak whale spreader. Comes packed with wood shavings in a Dufeck wooden crate. Cutting board not included. 

Harbison - Jasper Hill 
Pasteurized cow's milk. Traditional rennet. 9oz
This soft, bloomy-rinded cheese is encircled with spruce bark. Resulting flavors are savory and rich with sweet notes of wood, butter, berry and mushrooms. 


Pleasant Ridge Reserve - Uplands Cheese
Raw cow's milk. Traditional rennet. 8oz
In the tradition of alpage cheeses like Gruyere or Beaufort, wheels of Pleasant Ridge Reserve are only made when their cows are grazing on pasture. Milk comes from their own small mixed herd, which produces milk that is specifically ideal for this cheese. Flavors of these wheels are a reflection of the farm at Uplands - they can be deeply savory and brothy, with a nutty sweetness.


T&A Seeded Honey
Talbott & Arding's seeded honey is loaded with toasted sesame, fennel and poppy seeds and a pinch of Seneca salt.
The honey is sourced from Ray Tousey, a renowned beekeeper in the Hudson Valley.


T&A Spelt Crackers
We use freshly milled, organic spelt flour from Farmer Ground in Trumansburg, NY for production of our Spelt crackers. Coarsely ground spelt flour is an ancient form of wheat with a distinctively nutty flavor.


BeHome Teak Whale Spreader
(1.25" x 7.25")
These natural grain teak whale spreaders are the perfect tools for a cheeseboard