A gourmet cheese and food gift box.
The Snap Dragon
The Snap Dragon

The Snap Dragon

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Our Snapdragon collection is great for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. Comes packed with wood shavings in a Dufeck wooden crate. Cutting board not included. 

St. Stephen - Four Fat Fowl
Pasteurized cow's milk. Traditional rennet. ~8oz
This delicious triple cream cheese is made by cheesemaker Willy Bridgham and his team at Four Fat Fowl creamery in Stephentown, NY. Their Cheeses are made from high quality, locally sourced milk and cream.  The interior texture is velvety and soft. Flavors are mild, yet rich and satisfying with earthy notes and a hint of mushrooms and grass. 


T&A Seeded Honey
Talbott & Arding's seeded honey is loaded with toasted sesame, fennel and poppy seeds and a pinch of Seneca salt.
The honey is sourced from Ray Tousey, a renowned beekeeper in the Hudson Valley.


T&A Spelt Crackers
We use freshly milled, organic spelt flour from Farmer Ground in Trumansburg, NY for production of our Spelt crackers. Coarsely ground spelt flour is an ancient form of wheat with a distinctively nutty flavor.


BeHome Teak Whale Spreader
(1.25" x 7.25")
These natural grain teak whale spreaders are the perfect tools for a cheeseboard


T&A Amaretti Cookies
Pack of 5


T&A Fig Bar
Pack of 6
Our fig bars are our nod to a classic. We pack our figs in port wine and roll the rich paste in the most tender, buttery dough imaginable. These have quickly become one of our most popular, beloved items at the shop.