Coperthwaite - Churchtown Dairy

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Eponymously named after the writer and philosopher, this washed rind cheese has flavors that are savory and sweet with notes of grass, and a funky but friendly finish.

Pasteurized cow's milk. Traditional rennet.

Churchtown Dairy
Hudson, New York

Whole 12oz

Meet the Maker

Churchtown Dairy

This Claverack-based biodynamic farm is home to medicinal gardens, cultural workshops and a raw milk dairy that retails both liquid milk and handcrafted cheeses. The predominantly grass-based diet of the herd makes for milk that is both profoundly rich and delicately nuanced. Churchtown’s cheeses are a thoughtful reflection of the connection between land and animal: a balance that is at the center of the farm’s mission. Founded by Peggy Rockefeller as an effort to protect agricultural land from development, Churchtown stands to represent its community’s past and holistically safeguard its future.