A wedge of blue cheese on foil.
Britsch - JUMI

Britsch - JUMI

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The culinary alchemy of Swiss craftsmanship unfolds in the form of Britsch, a remarkable cheese that defies convention and delights the palate. Crafted from raw cow's milk and patiently aged for an entire year, Britsch emerges as bold and fruity, with a dense texture punctuated by monumental crystals.

This hard-to-find Swiss blue is testament to time-honored traditions and avant-garde innovation. It hails from the visionary minds of Mike Glauser and Jurg Wyss, the friends behind JUMI. What began as an experimental project between friends has blossomed into a tribute to the cheese-making legacy of Glauser's family - illustrious fifth-generation Emmental Valley artisans. 

JUMI's philosophy is simple yet profound: to challenge and redefine our perception of 'Swiss' cheese. We are very pleased to be one of the only outlets in the country carrying this very special cheese.