Appleby's Cheshire - Neal's Yard Dairy

Appleby's Cheshire - Neal's Yard Dairy

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Appleby's makes the only raw milk, clothbound Cheshire cheese that exists. Rich mineral flavors upfront, a juicy acidity and the succulent yet crumbly texture that is so characteristic of a classic Cheshire. Notes of plum, very fruity, pepper.

Paul and Sarah Appleby
Shropshire, England

Raw cow's milk. Traditional rennet.



Neals Yard Dairy

For forty years, Neals Yard Dairy has been devoted both to preserving English cheesemaking traditions and to uplifting new makers and processes. Founded by Randolph Hodgson in 1979 as a predominantly fresh cheese creamery and shop, Neals Yard became a retailer of aged cheeses as well, thereby introducing many makers to a wider London-based audience. Now representing over forty cheeses from across the British Isles, Neals Yard Dairy remains the leading voice for its region’s creameries by exporting wheels around the globe. Retailer, educator, affineur and exporter, Neals Yard Dairy is to thank for so many of the cheeses we love to represent. Not to mention, our very own Kate Arding began her cheese career in its famed shops!