Women's History Month Collection

Women's History Month Collection

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In celebration of Women's History Month, we're offering this collection of some of our favorite woman-made cheeses and accompaniments. Snack bit by bit, or enjoy altogether for an all-star cheese & charcuterie board!

This collection includes:

- 1 wheel St. Stephenmade by Four Fat Fowl, NY

- 1 wheel Lake Breezemade by Blakesville Creamery, WI

- 8oz 1605 Manchegomade by Finca Sierra La Solana

- 1 each Salsiccia Stagionatamade by La Alumina, NY

- 4oz jar Jane Harriet's Fine Jellies, NY

- 1 box Talbott & Arding Crackers, NY

- Maker notes, so that you can learn about the incredible women behind the products!