Sherry Gray

Sherry Gray

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Ash ripened, double cream cow's milk from our friends at Jasper Hill Farm. This buttery round uses cream from Monument Farms in the Champlain Valley to make this cheese a true expression of Northern Vermont. Floral, grassy, with a dense mouthfeel. 

Pasteurized cow's milk. Traditional rennet.

3.5 & 7 oz.


Jasper Hill Farm

Nestled amongst the hills of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom sits Jasper Hill Farm, a legend in American cheesemaking and affinage. Founded by brothers Andy and Mateo Kehler as an effort to return profitability to the area’s dissipating agricultural landscape, Jasper Hill focuses on the value-added endeavor of crafting cheeses from the region’s outstanding milk. Their motto - “a taste of place” - speaks directly to this dedication. Initially solely a farmstead project, eventually Jasper Hill erected The Cellars: an aging facility both for in-house cheeses and collaborations with fellow local makers.