Mona's Season's Favorites

Mona's Season's Favorites

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Mona's hand-selected favorites from our wide selection of products in the shop this year
U Re Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Aldo Armato
16.9 fl oz
This rich and buttery olive oil is made from Taggiasca olives in the northwest of Italy. Known for its delicate fruity notes, this oil is best enjoyed as a finishing oil.


EQUAL Measurements Linen - Studiopatro
18" x 26"
Made from 100% oatmeal linen and printed with near-black ink, this tea towel is perfect for anyone who needs to keep their kitchen conversions handy. 


Denim Crossback Apron - Studiopatro
35"L x 30"W x 10" Bib. 60" ties
This denim apron is comfortable, easy to move around in, and durable enough to withstand any kitchen messes. Now with a front kangaroo pocket. 


Heirloom Bean Soup - Baer's Best Beans
This variety mix varies seasonally but will typically include 10-20 bean varietals. Enjoy a variety of tastes and flavors.


Zuppe - Mona Talbott
Written by Talbott & Arding's  Mona Talbott, Zuppe features soups from the kitchen of the American Academy in Rome.
While cooking for the Academy’s creative community of scholars, historians, artists, archaeologists, and architects, Mona perfected a repertoire of dishes made from local, seasonal, organic ingredients. Central to the menu are soups.
Two of Mona's Personal Recipes
Try some of the recipes born in Mona's personal kitchen. Recipes will be sent on recipe cards along with the collection.