Kate's Seasonal Favorites
Kate's Seasonal Favorites

Kate's Seasonal Favorites

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Kate has hand selected this collection of cheeses and their accompaniments.  They represent some of her personal favorites and are chosen for being at peak condition during the Holiday season.
Lake Breeze
Pasteurized goat’s milk.  (5.5oz)
Made by our good friend Veronica Pedraza at Blakesville Creamery in Wisconsin, Lake Breeze is a perfect example of an American take on the classic crottin style goat’s cheese from the Loire Valley in France.  Delicate, balanced flavors meld with a wonderful cakey texture that becomes softer towards the rind.  


Ossau Iraty
Raw sheep’s milk. France (6oz)
This classic Basque sheep's milk cheese heralds from the Pyrenees mountains. This version has a firm, dense texture, with sweet notes of olives, grass, hay and flowers.  It is perfect paired with Talbott & Arding’s house made Concord grape fruit paste.


Colston Bassett Stilton
Pasteurized cow’s milk. (6oz)
Colston Bassett Dairy is the smallest and most traditional producer of Stilton. The wheels on our counter are made in September when the autumn weather is cooler and are selected by Neal’s Yard Dairy to be especially at their peak during the Holiday season.  
This Stilton is characterized by delicate blue green veins and has gentler, more balanced flavors than other Stiltons. 


Camembert Fermier
Pasteurized cow’s milk. (8oz)
This is a traditional French Camembert made in Normandy.  A soft, yielding texture with unctuous flavors of cream, mushrooms and earth.  


Kirkham’s Lancashire
Raw cow’s milk.  England (6oz)
This is one of England's most traditional (and yet least known) cheeses.  Made by the Kirkham family, who are the last producers of traditional Lancashire, it has a  crumbly and creamy texture - a texture the Kirkham family call “buttery crumble”.   This farmhouse Lancashire boasts a bright flavor and a yogurty tang.  It is wonderful eaten as part of a cheese selection, on its own or makes the best grilled cheese you’ve ever tasted.

Concord Grape Fruit Paste
This deeply concentrated Fruit Paste is the perfect accompaniment to cheese.  Made in house from locally sourced quality fruit, the sweetness and acidity balances out the richly lactic flavors of the cheese.


T&A Seeded Spelt Crackers
We use organic flour from Farmer Ground in Trumansburg, NY for production of our Seeded Spelt Crackers. They are the perfect companion for camembert-style cheeses or soft, fresh goat cheeses. Generously topped with toasted fennel, poppy and sesame seeds, these crackers should be a staple for every pantry. 


Opinel Paring Knife No. 112
3 7/8" Blade. 7 5/8" Overall Length
This multi-purpose knife has a smooth 3.75 inch blade that ensures a perfect and precise cut. The varnished beech wood handle protects against moisture and dirt, making it a durable and long-lasting product.
Talbott & Arding "Notes on Taste" Notebook 
German-designed A6 pocket notebook with 123 pages and two bookmarks. Perfect for tasting notes, or any other notes you might need to jot down. Pictured separately.