Stack of goat cheese logs.

Barkeater Buche

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Available May-November, this ash-coated goat’s milk log is made in the Adirondack region of NY. Bright, tangy and citrus-like flavors. 

Pasteurized goat's milk. Vegetable rennet.

Meet the Maker

Asgaard Farm

David Brunner and Rhonda Butler helm this goat creamery in the Adirondacks, on the idyllic landscape so often painted by its past owner, artist Rockwell Kent. Their award-winning chèvres range from fresh to aged Pyreenean style, but a favorite here at Talbott & Arding is the ash-ripened Barkeater Buche. Subtly sweet, brightly vegetal and velvety smooth, this log is a seasonal prize. Pair with our fruit and nut loaf and a drizzle of honey for a beautifully balanced bite!