All items will be wrapped and bagged for pick-up.   Alternatively, we can arrange items on an eco-friendly platters and bowls for an additional fee of $15.00, based on a minimum of 6 pieces per platter. 





A selection of seasonal soups.  Please enquire about availability. Served in pint or quart size, to be reheated before serving. 


savory pastries

Individual sized hand pies and galettes.  Please enquire about large sweet and savory galettes.

Talbott & Arding Picnic lunch


Served in a Talbott & Arding lunch bag, ready for an afternoon picnic, outing or train ride. Select a sandwich, drink, seasonal fruit, and 2 cookies.  Alternatively, we can arrange items on an eco-friendly platters and bowls for an additional fee of $15 per platter. Other sandwiches, as well as gluten-free options, are available upon request.

$15 per person

Baguette Sandwiches

  • Kinderhook Farm roast beef & greens

  • Fra’mani Toscano salami & fennel salad

  • Prosciutto di Parma & butter

Focaccia Sandwiches

  • Hummus, pickled shallots, sesame seeds & greens

  • Pimento cheese and ham

  • Tuna salad

  • Egg salad


  • Coconut macaroon

  • Chocolate, walnut & sea salt

  • Ginger molasses cookies


  • Root beer, cane cola, Spindrift - assorted flavors

  • Sparkling or still water

Additional items available: 

  • Add a bag of Zapp’s Potato chips for $1.00 each

  • Add vegetable crudités and dip for $2.50 per person

  • Add a seasonal grain, bean, or vegetable salad for $5.00 per person

  • Add a garden lettuce salad, served with Talbott & Arding house vinaigrette, for $4.00 per person


Talbott & Arding offers a wide selection of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres beautifully arranged on eco-friendly wooden platters.  Customers are welcome to provide their own platters. 


Dinner- Heat and Serve 

The pot pies and macaroni & cheese come in reheatable containers. Small sizes serve 1-2, Large serves 2-3. Please enquire about larger portions. 



Attractively boxed.  Also available on an eco-friendly platter for an additional cost of $15 per platter.

  • Ginger molasses

  • Chocolate and walnut with sea salt

  • Pain d’amande

  • Coconut macaroon

  • Meringues - classic, almond, or pistachio orange flower

  • Biscotti - almond with anise or rosemary walnut


Cakes and custards

Cakes are available in a loaf (serves 4-6) or in a 9 inch round (serves 8). Individual puddings and custards are served in 4 ounce jars. 

Loaf cakes $9.95, Round cakes $30.95                                   

  • Cardamom cake with almonds

  • Fresh ginger molasses cake with lemon icing and candied ginger

Individual puddings & custards                        $5.95 each

  • Vanilla bean

  • Burnt caramel and sea salt

  • Chocolate pot au crème

  • Lemon curd